I don't often write testimonials, but in this case I think some accolades are well deserved. This summer I needed to have three new valves installed in a sprinkler system manifold. Previously the manifold was set up so the valves had to be "cut out" if they needed to be changed. Caleb assessed the situation well and installed two couplings for each valve so they now can be easily removed. This was not an easy task given the limited space available. Caleb not only cleaned up completely and took great care not to damage anything in the house, but he also phoned back a week later to ensure the install was functioning well. Great customer service.
By the way … when my sprinkler repairman saw what a professional job Caleb had done … he asked me for his phone number so he could refer him to some of his other clients. Personally, I will not hesitate to have Caleb back to tackle our next plumbing emergency. Thanks again, Caleb for a great job.

~ Court Brown

I want to thank Irvine Plumbing and Heating for the excellent job installing clean out traps and water turn off valves under my kitchen sink and ensuite. He gave me a price for the job before starting and there were no hidden costs or fees. Based on my experience I would highly recommend calling Irvine Plumbing and Heating again.

~ Darlene Kubasek

I recently had my 9 year old hot water heater replaced. I dread having someone come into my home to do work. I am very particular, and I am not a fan of cleaning up a mess, left by the company I just paid a lot of money to for repairs.
I must say I am very pleased with Irvine Plumbing. CALEB WAS VERY FRIENDLY AND PROFFESSIONAL, THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT FOR ME TO FIX OR CLEAN-UP AFTER THE JOB WAS COMPLETED. Not to mention that workmanship was great, far better than the original install.
The price of the job came in just below what I expected, and I found myself feeling I had received great value for what was done. Best of all, I now have a more efficient hot water heater (Caleb recommended the unit on price and quality) and lots of hot water using the same size tank. Because of my experience, I would strongly recommend Irvine Plumbing and heating.

~ Robert Kadlec

Caleb plumbed our basement bathroom. He was punctual and got the job done quick with great attention to detail. He was very affordable and had a great work ethic.

~ Chantelle Davidson