Drippy Faucets:

Bathtubs, shower heads, kitchen faucets, bathroom taps, outdoor taps. Any faucet that drips we can fix or replace.

Leaking Pipes:

Crusty copper pipes, Pex, Poly B, galvanized, lead water lines. Cracked and drippy sewer pipes.

Running Toilets:

Phantom flushing, continually running, flappers and fill valves, water around the base of the toilet.
Tip: Try the food color test; Put a couple of drops in the tank and wait to see if the color comes in to the bowl. If not your toilet is ok.

Water Heaters:

No hot water, bad hot water pressure , replacements, hot water only lasting a few minutes, leaking water on the floor, T and P valves, drain valves, new shut offs, drain pans.

Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations:

Replacing sinks and faucets, changing locations, adding a kitchen, basement bathroom developments (plumbing and heating only), adding a bathroom, changing the location of your bathroom.

Supply And Install Fixtures:

Tubs, showers, faucets, water heaters, toilets, sinks, shower heads, tub spouts and garburators.

Shut Off Valves:

Replacing old valves, replacing the main house shut off, adding new valves. National plumbing code doesn't require shut off valves under your sinks but we always recommend them.


Sump pumps, repair and replace. Sewage pumps, repair and replace. Well pumps. Circulation pumps.


Replacing old and installing new, leaking, smells, jammed, we do it all!